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All across our nation, individuals rely on trains on a daily basis for a variety of needs. We rely on freight trains to transport goods to our communities. We rely on long distance passenger trains to effectively transport us cross country, traveling great distances at a much faster rate than a small, passenger-driven motor vehicle would allow. And we also rely on commuter trains to take us to and from work without having to worry about congested street traffic. In sprawling urban areas, like those found in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, commuter trains and subway cars are an everyday part of our lives. However, in addition to the added convenience that this mode of transportation provides there also comes the inherent dangers associated with train travel.

Commuter trains are ideal in urban areas, where they provide fast, efficient and convenient transportation to large numbers of people traveling to-and-from work and other activities each day. However, with all convenient forms of transportation comes added risk. Commuter & Metro train accidents, like the one that involved two Washington D.C. area Red Line trains on June 22, 2009, almost always end with large numbers of passengers being seriously injured or killed due to the high speeds at which trains travel and the tremendous momentum associated with large objects traveling at such speeds.

Like most serious personal injuries, Maryland train accidents can have any number of causes:

  • Computerized signal systems can fail, leaving trains vulnerable to collision by not allowing adequate time for manually bringing a train to a complete stop
  • Improperly maintained train tracks can throw a train off course, causing the train operator to lose complete control over the train's maneuverability
  • Outdated railcars or other equipment necessary for the train's proper, and most efficient, operation can malfunction and result in an accident
  • Faulty train signals can place one train directly in the path of another, most often resulting in collision
  • Operator distraction/inattention can add to the probability of a crash, and can take the form of:
    • Unauthorized cell phone usage while at the helm of a train
    • Text messaging
    • Mindlessly chatting with another train employee when attention should be given to the train's operation

Negligence is often to blame in most accidents. Whether it is the negligence of train operators, negligence in ensuring that computer operating systems are working without error, or negligence in properly maintaining and/or updating train equipment, train accidents are often caused because all necessary precautions and safety issues were not addressed prior to the train's usage.

In any suit brought against a public transportation entity, it is necessary to prove that the entity's negligence ultimately led to the accident's occurrence. A knowledgeable Maryland personal injury attorney can assist you through this complicated and difficult process.

If you have been injured or have had a loved one injured or killed due to a Washington, D.C. or Maryland train accident and are ready to consider the legal aspects of your loss, please contact the knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Alpert Schreyer, LLC today. Whether you are a passenger seeking compensation for injuries you suffered or the spouse, parent or child of someone who lost their life due to a Maryland train crash, our lawyers stand ready to start you down the path of getting the compensation you and your family deserve to help cope with the debilitating effects of a train accident. Please don't hesitate to contact us at (866) 444-6366 for a free consultation today.

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