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Types of Nursing Home Abuse to Be Aware Of

For a family, making the decision to place an elderly relative in a nursing home is a very difficult one, as you are placing your loved one’s health and well-being in the hands of others. Also, with the increasing problem of nursing home abuse incidents across the country, it can certainly make the choice even harder. Nursing home malpractice is defined as an intentional act or negligence committed by a nursing home professional which may cause injury to a resident. There are different types of elder abuse that can occur, all of which can harm your loved one in varying ways.

In order to better protect your loved ones from elder abuse or neglect while in the care of a nursing home, the following are the different types of abuse that may occur and what signs to be aware of.

Physical Elder Abuse

This type of abuse is anything that may happen to your loved one’s body. Physical signs of abuse include broken bones; wounds, cuts, abrasions, or burns; welts, bruises, swelling; sudden and unexplainable weight loss; and any hidden injuries. In addition, unnecessary restraints may be a sign of physical abuse.

Mental Elder Abuse

Mental elder abuse can manifest itself in different forms and can include your loved one having: feelings of fear, agitation, or hesitancy; disorientation or confusion; depression; withdrawal or unjustified isolation; sudden changes in behavior or unusual behavior patterns; and/or unwillingness to communicate. Another sign of mental abuse can be the nursing home staff making rude or humiliating comments to residents.

Elder Neglect

If your elderly loved one is not receiving adequate care and attention, neglect may be occurring in the facility. Signs of neglect may include your loved one having an unkempt appearance; bed sores; poor personal hygiene; the smell of urine or feces; unsanitary living environment; untreated medical conditions; or malnutrition or dehydration.

Financial Elder Abuse

It is unthinkable that someone would exploit an elderly individual, but financial elder abuse unfortunately occurs. Some signs include missing/stolen property or money; abrupt, unjustified selling of property; and any other radical changes in personal financial affairs.

If you discover signs that any type of elder abuse may be occurring, it can be very devastating to know that your elderly loved one is being abused or taken advantage of, but it is important to know you have legal rights. If your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse, the nursing home malpractice attorneys in Waldorf of Alpert Schreyer can help you hold any negligent parties responsible. Please call (301) 812-4777 for a complimentary consultation.