On Christmas Eve, a man driving a pickup truck plowed through the scene of a fatal crash that occurred the same day near North East, Maryland.

According to the Cecil Whig, the driver struck a police vehicle and the forensic investigator who was looking into the crash. The investigator was taken to the hospital.

What happened

According to police, the first accident happened around 4:20 on the afternoon of Christmas Eve when a Chevrolet Colorado is driven by Jason Phelps, 39, of North East collided with a Ford Focus driven by 74-year-old Estel Privett of Elkton. The accident occurred in the 1700 block of W. Pulaski Highway (Route 40), east of North East.

Privett, whose vehicle was struck when the victim was trying to cross into Route 40’s eastbound lane, was pronounced dead at the scene.

About an hour and a half after the accident, Kevin Roberts, 56, of North East, drove his Toyota Tundra through roadblock authorities had set up, striking a dump truck, traffic cones, and flares. Roberts, whom authorities believe was under the influence of alcohol and other substances, did not stop driving: he slowed and then continued to drive down the blocked-off section of the road.

Roberts reached the scene of the crash and struck a police SUV, causing damage to the passenger’s side; the impact of the crash pushed the SUV into a forensic investigator, who was checking out the scene on foot.

Both Roberts and the victim in the second crash were taken to Christiana Hospital in Delaware. The section of highway where the accidents happened was closed for eight hours.

No charges have been filed yet in either accident, but investigations are ongoing.

According to the Cecil Whig’s research into online court records, Roberts was stopped and cited by county law enforcement agencies six times in 2016, most recently on December 8, for motor vehicle violations. Citations included operating an unregistered vehicle.

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