WOMAN KILLED IN MARYLAND AUTO ACCIDENT DUE TO STOP SIGN RUNNERA 38-year-old woman from Delaware was killed in a Maryland car crash when a car ran a stop sign and struck her vehicle. According to a news report in Delawareonline.com, the fatal crash occurred at Finchville Reliance Road and Galestown Reliance Road near Reliance.

Officials say the victim was turning left in her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am when a 2004 Honda Accord went through a stop sign without yielding the right-of-way. The driver of the Pontiac died later that day. Her 17-year-old passenger was taken to a Salisbury hospital for treatment. The driver of the Accord was not injured, but charges are pending.

It is the responsibility of all Maryland motorists to obey street signs. According to Maryland Statute 21-707: “Unless otherwise directed by a police officer or traffic control signal, the driver of a vehicle approaching a stop sign at an intersection shall stop at the near side of the intersection at a clearly marked stop line.”

When someone is killed in a Maryland crash, his or her family may file a wrongful death claim seeking damages. No amount of money can replace the life of a loved one, but financial support can help a family cope with their loss. For example, a successful wrongful death claim against a negligent driver can result in financial compensation for:

Medical bills incurred after the crash
Funeral expenses
Future wages lost
Loss of inheritance
Pain and suffering
Loss of companionship
Insurance adjusters are skilled at finding reasons to deny claims. They also regularly offer inadequate settlements to make cases go away. If your claim has been denied or if you have been offered a settlement that does not cover your current and future losses, make sure you research your legal options. You have the right to receive fair compensation for your losses. Contact an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer who will provide you with the resources and information you need.

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