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Notable Personal Injury Case Results

Alpert Schreyer, LLC does not guarantee case results. Every case is different and no two case outcomes are ever the same. The results featured on this website are examples of successful cases Alpert Schreyer has represented individuals in. The results are meant to demonstrate the types of cases the firm handles and in no way guarantee similar results will be achieved in future cases. The monetary awards discussed in these cases results were obtained through settlements, verdicts, or judgments of one form or another. In addition to case results, the attorneys at Alpert Schreyer urge prospective clients to select an attorney with whom they are comfortable with and believe is the best fit for their particular case.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact us today. Our experienced, tenacious attorneys will help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. There is NO FEE unless we win.

  • $5,500,000
    Verdict Post-Operative Complications
  • $3,750,000
    Birth Injury Settlement
  • $2,900,000
    Settlement for Delayed Surgery
  • $2,000,000
    Developmental Delay Birth Injury Result
  • $900,000
    Settlement for Anesthetic Error
  • $800,000
    Delayed Diagnosis Settlement
  • $2,600,000
    Jury Verdict for Road Hazard in Baltimore City
    Construction company and Baltimore City created a road hazard when they installed a 15-foot-long gate which could swing out into oncoming traffic. The steel pipe gate struck a passing automobile and caused a permanent brain injury to the driver.
  • $2,000,000
    Collision with Commercial Vehicle
    June 2014 – Collision with Commercial Vehicle in Suburban Washington, DC. Passenger Fatality, Driver Suffered Life-Threatening Pulmonary Injuries, Bilateral Wrist Fractures.
  • $1,800,000
    Car Accident Verdict
    2019 - Prince Georges’ County firefighter awarded $1.8 million dollars from State Farm for permanent damage to her wrist in a car crash.
  • $1,700,000
    Car Accident Verdict
    2020 - $1.7 million jury verdict in Calvert County, Maryland for worker who underwent back surgery for injuries from a car crash.
  • $1,200,000
    September 11 Attack in Pentagon, Arlington Virginia
    December 2003 – Arbitration award after a September 11 attack in Pentagon, Arlington Virginia. Volunteer legal services to survivor.
  • $1,100,000
    Drowning Settlement
    Parents in Bowie and Waldorf of a 6-year-old boy settled a wrongful death case against a neighborhood association for the dangerous construction of a dam in the child’s back yard. Engineering experts hired by Alpert Schreyer to investigate the ...
  • $1,100,000
    Collision with Underinsured Driver
    August 2004 – Charles County jury verdict after a collision with underinsured driver in Waldorf, Maryland, resulting in failed surgical repairs of the retina.
  • $1,100,000
    Hydraulic Lift Failure
    October 2011 – Hydraulic Lift Failure in Washington, DC. Spinal Fusion, Ankle Reconstruction.
  • $1,000,000
    Wrongful Death Insurance Coverage
    2001- Appellate decision of $1 million insurance after an automobile collision in rural Maryland.
  • $800,000
    Tow Truck Crash in Waldorf
    Tow truck crash in Waldorf, Maryland causing permanent back injuries.
  • $750,000
    Prince George’s County Tractor Trailer Crash
    Trucking company’s driver illegally parked a tractor trailer in an intersection. The passenger of a passing truck which struck the commercial vehicle was killed in the crash.
  • $680,000
    Jury Verdict for Slip and Fall in Calvert County
    September 2015 – Icy parking lot in Suburban Maryland caused a woman to slip and fall, resulting in elbow surgeries
  • $645,000
    Wrongful Death Settlement
    March 2013 – Tractor Trailer Intersection Collision on U.S. Route 301 near Washington, DC. Police blamed our client.
  • $525,000.00
    Automobile Collision
    2001 - Settlement after an automobile Collision in Rural Maryland, resulting in back surgery.
  • $430,000
    Truck Collision
    February 2008 – Mediated settlement after a truck collision in La Plata, Maryland, resulting in knee and leg surgery with infection.
  • $410,000
    Collision with Underinsured Driver
    June 2010 – Settlement after a collision with underinsured driver in La Plata, Maryland, resulting in neck fusion.
  • $350,000
    Collision with an Uninsured Driver
    March 2010 – Settlement after a collision with an uninsured driver in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, resulting in neck fusion.
  • $335,000
    Forklift Struck Warehouse Employee
    December 2010 – Mediated settlement after a forklift struck warehouse employee in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, resulting in back injury.
  • $335,000
    Medical Malpractice Case Resulting in Finger Amputation
    December 2008 – Settlement in a medical malpractice case in Rural Maryland that resulted in finger amputation.
  • $322,360.44
    Slip and Fall Resulting in Back Surgery
    December 2008 – Settlement in a slip and fall case in Waldorf, Maryland, resulting in back surgery.
  • $315,000
    Shoulder Injury
    The Worker’s Compensation and Public Safety attorneys at Alpert Schreyer achieved a jury verdict on July 24, 2019 which increased The Worker’s Compensation Commission award for an employee’s shoulder injury from $85,000 to over $315,000. We ...
  • $300,000
    Automobile Collision
    November 2005 – Settlement after an automobile collision in Rural Maryland, resulting in neck surgery.
  • $290,000
    Torn Ankle Ligaments
    August 2014 – Suburban Maryland man tore ankle ligaments when he stepped into a fiber optic utility box in his lawn.
  • $253,000
    Rear End Collision
    When a rear end collision caused our client permanent neck and back sprains, the Insurance company refused to see past the low cost of his medical bills and offered him a tiny fraction of the value of his case. Alpert Schreyer Attorney, Chris Murphy ...
  • $250,000
    Rear End Collision
    Our client was involved in rear-end auto collision, in which they sustained a cervical disc herniation (neck injury). Mike Schreyer achieved a $250,000 policy limits settlement for our client after rejecting a $21,000 offer from State Farm in October ...
  • $243,600
    Pedestrian Struck on Crosswalk
    Arbitration Decision for a Pedestrian Struck on Crosswalk in Lexington Park, Maryland. Leg Fractures with Surgery.
  • $200,000
    Automobile Collision
    2000 - Settlement after an automobile collision in Bowie Maryland, resulting in hearing loss and scarring.
  • $183,524
    Pedestrian Accident in Parking Lot
    August 2011 – Pedestrian Struck in Parking Lot in Centreville, Maryland. Surgery to Repair Previous Neck Fusion
  • $120,000
    Negligently Secured Firearms
    June 2008 – Settlement from negligently secured firearms in Newburg, Maryland, resulting in motional distress.
  • Confidential Settlement
    Subway Train Crash
    March 2012 – WMATA Subway Train Crash at Fort Totten Metro Station, Washington, DC. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Confidential Settlement
    Reckless Police Chase
    Police reckless chases caused 2 deadly crashes in Suburban Maryland. State of Maryland asked that our clients not publish any settlement amounts

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