Michael J. Schreyer, Attorney for Family of College of Southern Maryland Student Files Multi-Million Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit

$5 MILLION MARYLAND WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST TRUCK DRIVER AND TRUCKING COMPANYThe family of a College of Southern Maryland student who was killed on January 21, 2010, by a Cargo Transporters, Inc. truck driver has filed a $5 million wrongful death lawsuit. Attorney Michael J. Schreyer of the law firm of Alpert Schreyer, LLC and attorney for the Mungai family filed the multi-million dollar wrongful death suit on March 3rd in the Charles County Circuit Court against the truck driver and his employer.

King W. Mungai was killed on January 21, 2010, while traveling to class at the College of Southern Maryland when the Toyota Corolla he was driving on U.S. 301 was hit from the side by a tractor-trailer. As a consequence of the crash, Mr. Mungai was forced off the road and into a wooded section south of the Mitchell Road intersection.

The $5 million wrongful death suit filed alleges that the tractor-trailer driver was negligent. The suit is seeking to recover damages for Mungai’s wife and parents including compensation for emotional suffering, loss of wages, and funeral expenses. Although the Maryland State Police originally reported that Mr. Mungai failed to yield to the tractor-trailer, Mr. Schreyer asserted, “We’ve located information that was not included in that police report that we found to be extremely important.”

Defendants in the wrongful death lawsuit include truck driver Gordon Scott Barnes of Connelly Springs, N.C. and his employer, Cargo Transporters. The suit alleges that Barnes ran a red light right before the fatal Maryland tractor-trailer crash. Mr. Schreyer stated that a motorist who was heading south alongside the truck and stopped at the intersection saw the truck speed through the light and strike Mungai’s vehicle. In reflecting on the severity of this accident, Mr. Schreyer stated, “This is obviously a horrible case. This guy was killed on his way to class.”

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