Our client, a 32-year-old heavy equipment operator, husband, and father of 3, was in a bad motor vehicle crash in 2013 while working for his employer. He suffered a lumbar spine injury and ultimately underwent a surgery to remove a lumbar disc and to fuse his L5 and S1 vertebrae. Even after receiving this treatment the client was unable to return to his previous workplace. In fact, his disability kept him from being able to reasonably perform any job, even outside of his old field.

Despite this, the Workers’ Compensation Commission heard the case and fell for the Insurance Company’s story. They determined he suffered a 40% permanent disability of which 5% was pre-existing, was only worth a payout of $58,000.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys Christopher Murphy and Shawn Poe appealed that decision and demanded a jury trial in the Circuit Court sitting in Calvert County. We put the case in front of the jury, educated them on the law, and walked them through the flaws in the insurance company’s case. The jury agreed our client’s injury was the cause of a permanent disability that precluded him from being able to hold a job. They awarded him benefits for the rest of his life, an estimated $1.63 million.

Our team takes helping people seriously, and there is nothing we value more than being able to change an accident victim’s life. Rather than being written off with only $58,000 to support him and his family, our client will now receive lifelong benefits to fully support him and provide for the needs of his family.

If you receive a low offer from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, or are denied any help at all, reach out to our firm for assistance. We can evaluate your case and help you fight for fair compensation after a devastating accident.

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