Some car accident cases involve a relatively straightforward determination of who was at fault and what injuries were caused by the collision. However, some accidents are more complicated and require the assistance of expert witnesses to piece together the facts. There are a number of different types of expert witnesses that can be involved in a car accident case.

Medical Experts

Medical experts testify about the injuries and medical conditions sustained in an accident. These experts can also testify about prognosis and expected recovery and what types of treatments have been performed or will need to be performed in the future.  In addition, medical experts can testify about the degree of pain and suffering caused by an injury.

Accident Deconstructionists

These experts have training in unraveling accidents and are used to rebuild the chain of events that led up to a collision. They then use that information to show what exactly occurred. Accident deconstructionists often use models, diagrams, and computer programs to help recreate an accident. These experts can also determine the physics of the crash, presenting information such as the speed the vehicle was traveling, the force of the impact, and the direction vehicles were moving. All of this information can help establish a causal link between the accident and the injuries. An accident reconstructionism’s visual account of the accident can be an important role in assisting the jury to understand the facts of the case.

Highway Safety Expert

An engineer may be hired to testify about the road conditions leading up to or surrounding the accident. These experts should have an understanding of state and federal guidelines on roadway design and construction.


If you missed time from work or are struggling financially because of the accident, an economist can help calculate the number of damages due to you. An economist can also be useful in calculating the cost of a diminished earning capacity and the number of lost wages and medical expenses you may incur in the future. There are many factors that go into these calculations, including inflation, loss of promotions, increasing costs of medical care, and loss of pension benefits.

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