Every car crash can upset its victims and create complicated personal, medical, and legal issues, but multi-car crashes magnify these matters. Multiple cars in an accident amplify the chaos, making it more difficult to ascertain fault, and making insurance claims much more complex. If a multi-car crash caused by another driver’s negligence injured you, the drill’s the same as for any car accident—with a few tweaks.

First Things First

First and foremost, assess your own well-being after a multi-car accident. If you sustained injuries, seek immediate medical attention. If you suffered minor injuries that aren’t slowing you down or preventing safe movement, assess the situation to see if the accident hurt anyone else. If so, go to their aid to the extent that you’re qualified to do so. Call 911 if no one’s yet taken care of that elemental task.

The Accident Scene

When an accident involves multiple cars, the accident scene invariably turns more chaotic. If you can, begin collecting evidence as soon as possible. (If you’re not able, enlist a passenger or bystander to do so for you.) Use your smartphone to take videos and photographs of the accident from every angle. With more than two cars involved, the attending police officers will likely collect eyewitness statements and contact information themselves.
Write down a contemporaneous account of how the accident happened, what transpired, and any mitigating circumstances that may have contributed to the accident (such as inclement weather, debris in the road, a detour, or anything else). Finally, sketch an overview of the scene of the accident that depicts the positioning of all the cars, the location of the accident, the placement of any obstacles to a clear view, and any other pertinent information. In the chaos of a multi-car accident, your memories may blur and fade quickly. These tasks will help you keep your memories clear and straight.

Your Claim

Even though it’s human nature to do so, don’t jump out of your car and start apologizing. The other parties in the accident may use that as an admission that you caused the accident. The less you say, the better off you are. If police interview you, respond truthfully with short answers that address only the exact questions that the officers ask you.
This is no time to get creative or expansive. In multi-car crashes, ascertaining who’s at fault is more complicated than in two-car accidents, and you don’t want to place unwarranted fault on yourself. Your experienced car accident attorney will work with you to accurately pinpoint the negligent driver and to bring your claim to just compensation.

If a Multi-Car Crash Injured You, Consult an Experienced Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Today

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