Two of the three victims in a colossal accident that happened early in the morning on December 17th have been identified by Maryland state officials, according to NBC 4 Washington. Three people were killed and about two dozen people were injured in the 68-car pileup on northbound I-95 between Caton Avenue and Washington Boulevard.

Thirty-eight-year-old Alfredo Santos Orellana, of Mount Rainer, Virginia, and 54-year-old Mehmed Hodzic of Edgewood, Maryland, were the two victims identified.

What happened

According to NBC, officials were not sure of Orellana’s cause of death, but they had found that the other victim died when, trying to get away from oncoming traffic in the midst of the pileup, he exited his car and fell over a barrier onto the railroad tracks below.

Orellana was in the last car in the pileup, which officials are still investigating. The road was very icy when the incident happened, according to NBC.

Another person who died that day in a separate incident has been identified as 31-year-old Clinton Lamont Worrell Jr, who was driving a tanker truck full of gasoline when it slid off the road.

Drive safe in winter

Driving in winter can be very dangerous, especially when visibility is low and the road is covered in snow or ice. Here are some tips, courtesy of AAA Exchange, on driving safely in snowy conditions.

Don’t rush: accelerate and decelerate slowly. Remember that when the roads are slick, you will have less time to slow down. And applying pressure to the gas pedal slowly is the best way to get traction on a slippery surface.

Give other drivers more space than you normally would. Providing a large space cushion may seem excessive, but remember that there’s a bigger chance you may lose control of your vehicle and may need more space than anticipated to regain control and right your vehicle.

Don’t rush up hills, and never stop on a hill. Get some inertia, beginning when you’re on a flat surface, and use this to carry you up the hill.

Don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. Do you really need to run that errand? Think twice before venturing out in dangerous winter conditions.

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