Many people who suffer adverse health effects or effects on their ability to see after having had LASIK surgery seek legal recompense.

Though getting it seems casual in a way – the outpatient procedure only takes 10-15 minutes for each eye – LASIK surgery can be a risky procedure and requires extreme care on the part of the medical professional performing it.

The procedure and potential adverse consequences

“LASIK” stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses. The procedure involves changing the shape of the cornea so light refracts properly onto the retina, reducing a (usually) mildly visually impaired person’s need for glasses or contacts.

The doctor cuts a thin flap in the eye and folds it back, allowing the reshaping of the underlying tissue with a laser. Then the flap is placed back over the eye.

LASIK is most often given to patients who are nearsighted, farsighted, and those who have astigmatism. Though there is a high rate of satisfaction among patients who get the procedure done, it does carry risks. Sadly, some people end up with a lower quality of life after suffering from adverse outcomes from the surgery. Others need follow-up surgeries if, for instance, their vision has been over-corrected.

Complications and adverse outcomes include double vision, corneal scarring, a bulging cornea, vision loss due to infection, dry eyes, loss of contrast sensitivity, diminished light vision, and haloes.

If you have double vision or another condition that resulted from having LASIK eye surgery, your doctor may be at fault and you may be entitled to damages. If you feel your doctor acted badly in any way or that you were not properly warned or educated about the procedure, that may constitute negligence – a failure to exercise a certain standard of care – on the doctor’s part.

Malpractice cases involving LASIK surgery

A site devoted to LASIK complications and lawsuits advises potential LASIK patients to read up on their doctor beforehand, keeping in mind that it’s possible he or she has been sued for malpractice in the past.

According to FindLaw.com, LASIK patients can sue for damages under medical malpractice law or product liability law. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, consult with your attorney to see which is right for you.

If your vision has suffered or you have had to endure adverse medical consequences as a result of LASIK surgery, first get treatment. Then, call the experienced medical malpractice and product liability attorneys at Alpert Schreyer Poefor your free case evaluation. We will listen to you, review your case, and get you the compensation you deserve.